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Scroll down to read your Venus Opportunity. Make certain you read this full write-up on Venus in Virgo or just click the graphic to the left.

Read about Venus in Virgo first for better understanding of what you read below or at the very least, after you read the information below. Venus in Virgo moves into your 2nd house of self-worth, money, monetary gains and losses, security value system, morals, possessions, your own resources, personal self esteem and talents.

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Venus is about 'attraction,' which usually comes in the form of Love and beauty. Since Venus is in your 2nd house of money and possessions, you have a greater ability to attract wealth and personal belongings.

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You may also have a heightened sense of morals and values. You have an increased attraction among lavish and extravagant material things. Even though you are attracting more money during this time, your eye seems to catch beauty in material objects, thereby spending as lavishly as the eye sees. Since money and material possessions come to you easily right now, it is a perfect time to save the increased money that is coming in rather than spending it quickly.

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Take the time to 'feel' what it is like to have more money in the bank that usual. Remember, more than anything, this house represents your self-worth. Just because you have more money does not mean you should spend more money. Usually when more money comes in, it is a time to prepare for something bigger down the road. Make certain you read this full write-up on Venus in Virgo. Scroll down to read your Mars Opportunity.

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Dates are listed from up until Make certain you read this full write-up on Mars or click on the graphic of Mars in Virgo. Mars in Virgo is moving through your 2nd house of value systems, physical possessions and money, personal self-esteem and talents.

You are more aggressive at creating financial circumstances and attracting monetary gain. Since aggressive Mars is moving through your 2nd house of money, then it is no wonder than finances are on the agenda during this time. Accomplishment is on the forefront right now and whatever you choose to set your mind to, then you can indeed accomplish it. Keep in mind that you do have to engage yourself in the aggressive energy in order to make it all happen. Sitting back and waiting for others to do it for you just won't happen. If you push yourself with this aggressive energy in your corner, then you will certainly be able to save AND pay the bills.

How great is that? Since this is the house of value systems, your morals and values are also being ignited. Mars moving through your 2nd house of money will cause you to actively pursue money like you haven't done in a long time. There is a switch that will go off in your head that will make your money bulb light up. You may be planting that bulb, like you are planting a flower or vegetable blub for later growth and use. This may also be a lightbulb that gives you a bright idea that you want to plant and take action on right now, and it all has to do with more money.

Mars is an action-packed planet, so it isn't sitting around waiting for a check to show up in the mail or fall out of a pocket or pop out of a cookie jar. Mars does not wait, it heads out and makes things happen. Your desire for financial gain or a business enterprise may be the only thing you think about during the Mars transit in your 2nd house.

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Well it's about time you start thinking like this more seriously! Sometimes a bit of fear or anxiousness is exactly what is needed in order to make things happen. Mars is fast and impulsiveness so you will really need to maintain some sort of self-control and self-monitoring of your personal finances. Money can come and go very quickly so you will need to take your time looking at and evaluating what it is you want to buy. Notice the word 'evaluate' has the word 'value' in it.

Think about the value in your purchase before you throw money at something. For some of your purchases it will be easier for you to just drive by, roll down the window and throw money at a store rather than go in and actually spend money. Go ahead and laugh, then you can call and tell me that I was right.

Ask yourself what is the value in this purchase before you open up your wallet. Decans are arranged in the exact order they would appear in the natural zodiac wheel. If we use Aries as an example, we can see that the first Decan of any planet in Aries will apply for the first ten degrees.

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The first Decan of any sign will correspond to the exact sign, giving it an extra pure expression of that particular energy. If you have a planet between ten and twenty degrees of Aries however, there is a slight change. Now we're in the Aries-Leo Decan This planet will have the Sun as a co-ruler, adding more dimensions to interpretation.

If you've got a planet between twenty and thirty degrees of Aries, then it falls in the Aries-Sagittarius Decan You can quickly see how someone born with a 5 degree Aries Sun, a 15 degree Aries Sun and a 25 degree Aries Sun will all have varying expressions of their solar energy. The principle of Decans can be applied to any of your planets or other points in your horoscope -- so explore the terrain and have fun discovering just how unique your birth chart truly is!

Let's say your Venus is in Virgo at 12 degrees. With your encouraging words and can- do attitude, problems, no matter how big and complicated they seem, would shrink to the size of a green pea. Those that come in contact with you are greatly impressed by your astounding ability to express your thoughts intelligently, and may assume you graduated with flying colors, even if you never step foot in college. You also enjoy traveling a lot and are especially drawn to exotic places located on the other side of the globe.

There is a likelihood that you might decide to immigrate to a country that is hundreds and hundreds of miles away from home, or live a long distance from your place of birth. Mars is a planet of action, gumption and drive in astrology, therefore, you often find yourself getting bored with slowness and repetition, and wanting to move forward and venturing into new territories. You are not the type that would bum around all day and do nothing, nor are you a needy person that is very dependent on others to do things for them, to make decisions, or for self worth.

You have the strength and courage of a thousand lions, but because patience is not a permanent part of you, chances are, you will jump straight in with both feet without looking first.

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If you learn to be more cautious and careful, and less impetuous, you stand a greater chance of success in any endeavor you pursue. Remember, my friend, impulsive actions lead to trouble, and trouble could have unpleasant consequences. You have big dreams and aspirations in life, and possess huge amounts of enthusiasm, vigor and dynamism to make them come true. However, you can be rather stubborn and opinionated at times, and would ignore well- meaning advice that comes unsolicited from family and friends, especially when the skeptic in you refuses to believe they are right and you are wrong.

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There is a strong tendency for you to spend your money in a careless fashion, so it is not a surprise that you always end up buying more things than you planned, or splurge to impress you- know- who. Thankfully, you seem to be quite lucky with money as you have a natural ability to make or acquire money easily than others. You are known for being truthful, but sometimes, you get into conflicts and arguments because of your honesty — some people misread your words and think you are shooting sharp arrows of criticism at them when in fact you are sharing what you truly feel can help them become a more amazing person.

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