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The Taurus PU weight plate 30 mm is extremely precise in weight as well as durable and hard-wearing thanks to the high-quality polyurethane casing. Product details. Warranty conditions. Ratings Product details: Taurus PU weight plate 30 mm. Description: Taurus PU weight plate 30 mm. PU weight plates of top quality The 30 mm weight plate of Taurus offers a lot of highlights: It is extremely precise and makes strength training on a high level possible. They are very comfortable in handling. Thanks to grip holes and the rounded off metal ring in the middle, they are easy to put on.

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The casing is non-slip and the dodecagonal shape avoids rolling away of the Taurus PU weight plate 30 mm. Polyurethane coating for highest resistance The 30 mm weight plate is encased with a polyurethane layer PU.

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PU is an extremely resistant plastic offering a very high lifespan of the professional weight plate. The material is hard and elastic at the same time; this protects the weight plate as well as the floor.

The material is extremely hard-wearing from punches, abrasion, scratches or spallings. The flat surface is colorfast and does not bleach. The Taurus PU weight plate 30 mm looks like on the first day - even after many years. The weight plates do not produce any perspirating fumes: the Taurus PU weight plate 30 mm is absolutely odorless. Warranty conditions: Taurus PU weight plate 30 mm. The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.

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